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[texts]Using Pyrolyzed Carbon Black (PCB) from Waste Tires in Asphalt Pavements: Part II, Asphalt Binder, and Test Road : Final Report - Zeng, Yongdong
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-95/12; Project C-36-55L, File No. 2-12-13
Downloads: 1,934
[texts]Dynamic Cone Penetration Test to Assess the Mechanical Properties of Subgrade Soil : Final Report - Luo, Xiadong
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-98/13; Project C-36-45N, File No. 6-18-13
Downloads: 1,185
[texts]Retarders for Concrete and Their Effects on Setting Time and Shrinkage : Interim Report - Yamamoto, Yasuhiko, 1943-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-72/51; Project C-36-47L, File No. 4-6-12
Downloads: 1,172
[texts]Changing Characteristics of High Accident Drivers over a Five Year Period : Final Report - Goodson, John Earl
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-72/29; Project C-36-15O, File No. 8-5-15
Downloads: 283
[texts]Stabilization of Slopes Using Piles : Interim Report - Hassiotis, Sophia
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-84/08; Project C-36-36O, File No. 6-14-15
Downloads: 188
[texts]Evaluation of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements in Indiana : Final Report - Faiz, Asif
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-75/17; Project C-36-52J, File No. 6-20-10
Downloads: 92
[texts]Performance of Buried Flexible Conduits : Interim Report - Leonards, G. A. (Gerald A.)
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-78/24; Project C-36-62F, File No. 9-8-6
Downloads: 53
[texts]Progress Report on Bituminous Concrete Mixture Design: U.S. 52 at Lafayette - Gaudette, Noel G.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-61/29; Project C-36-55E, File No. 2-12-5
Downloads: 50
[texts]Pavement Drainage and Pavement-Shoulder Joint Evaluation and Rehabilitation : Final Report - Ahmed, Zubair
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-93/02-2; Project C-36-15J, File No. 6-9-10
Downloads: 1,214
[texts]Behavior of Mucks and Amorphous Peats as Embankment Foundations : Final Report - Crowl, Timothy
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-87/02; Project C-36-5P, File No. 6-6-16
Downloads: 501
[texts]Steel Bridge Protection Policy, v. 4 of 5 - Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Maintenance Plan : Final Report - Fricker, Jon D.
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-98/21-IV; Project C-36-26J, File No. 4-4-10
Downloads: 114
[texts]The Nature of the Past-Aggregate Interface : Interim Report - Hadley, David Watson
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-72/40; Project C-36-61E, File No. 5-14-5
Downloads: 49
[texts]Construction Specifications for Highway Projects Requiring Horizontal Earth Boring and/or Pipe Jacking Techniques : Final Report - Hancher, Donn Edward
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-89/08-1; Project C-36-672, File No. 9-11-26
Downloads: 178
[texts]Effects of Speed Zoning in Suburban Areas - Elmberg, Curt M.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-60/09; Project C-36-17S, File No. 8-4-19
Downloads: 89
[texts]A 5-Year Evaluation of Highway Mowing Practices: Summary and Recommendations : Interim Report - Morré, D. James, 1935-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-76/31; Project C-36-48F, File No. 9-5-6
Downloads: 114
[texts]Energy Conservation and Cost Savings Related to Highway Maintenance: Executive Summary : Final Report - Saito, Mitsuru
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-85/18-2; Project C-36-67L, File No. 9-11-12
Downloads: 60
[texts]Laboratory Study on Properties of Rubber-Soils : Final Report - Ahmed, Imtiaz
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-93/04; Project C-36-50L, File No. 6-19-12
Downloads: 806
[texts]Predicting Pavement Performance Using Time-Dependent Transfer Functions : Informational Report - Boyer, Robert Elston
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-72/32; File No. 2-1
Downloads: 271
[texts]Assessing and Updating INDOT's Traffic Monitoring System for Highways, Volume 1 - Main Report : Final Report - Labi, Samuel, 1962-
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-98/12-1; Project C-36-64K, File No. 3-5-11
Downloads: 324
[texts]Low Porosity High Strength Concrete for Highway Bridge Decks : Final Report - Coleman, Samuel Ebow
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-82/02; Project C-36-61H, File No. 5-14-8
Downloads: 80
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 106 : Interim Report - Mekemson, James Robert; Stafford, George K.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-78/20; Project C-36-10C, File No. 8-3-3
Downloads: 58
[texts]Evaluation of Aggregate Sample Durability : Final Report - Hanson, Margaret A
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-86/10; Project C-36-47O, File No. 4-6-15
Downloads: 177
[texts]A General Method for Three Dimensional Slope Stability Analysis : Informational Report - Thomaz, Jose E.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-86/12; Project C-36-36N, File No. 6-14-14
Downloads: 233
[texts]Subclassification of the State Highway System of Indiana Based on Synthesis of Intercity Travel : Final Report - Vodrazka, Walter Charles
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-68/02; Project C-36-54 LL, File No. 3-3-38
Downloads: 194
[texts]Geotechnical Engineering Problems in the Karst Region of Southern Indiana : Final Report - Adams, Francis T.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-84/12; Project C-36-51B, File No. 1-5-2-66
Downloads: 159
[texts]Morphology of the Paste-Aggregate Interface, Volume 1 : Final Report - Barnes, B. D. (Bobby David), 1948-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-76/13; Project C-36-61E, File No. 5-14-5
Downloads: 47
[texts]Estimating Statewide Vehicle Miles Traveled in Indiana : Draft Final Report - Kumapley, Robert Kwasi
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-94/01; Project C-36-54VV, File No. 3-3-48
Downloads: 42
[texts]An Analysis of Travel Speed and Delay on a High-Volume Highway : Final Report - Treadway, Theodore B.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-65/10; Project C-36-66C, File No. 8-7-3
Downloads: 43
[texts]The Determination of Potassium in Cement with Tetraphenylboron : Final Report - Dolch, William Lee
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-59/19; Project C-36-47G, File No. 4-6-7
Downloads: 59
[texts]Traffic Speed Report No. 92 - Gadallah, Ahmed Atef
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-74/17; Project C-36-10C, File No. 8-3-3
Downloads: 35
[texts]A Model System for the Investigation of the Effect of Soil Particles on the Microbial Decomposition of Herbicides : Progress Report - Farmer, Walter Joseph
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-64/05; Project C-36-48, File No. 9-5-2
Downloads: 36
[texts]Statewide Survey of Blowups in Resurfaced Concrete Pavements : Interim Report - Foxworthy, Paul Thomas
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-73/03; Project C-36-46O, File No. 5-11-15
Downloads: 33
[texts]Integration of Real-Time Air Pollution Parameters Into the Decision Making Process Regarding Highway Construction Work Zone Traffic Flow Improvements : Final Report - Fatogoma, Ouattara
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-97/10; Project C-36-71I, File No. 8-9-9
Downloads: 60
[texts]Studies of Deflection Due to Creep in Prestressed Concrete : Final Report - Kask, Hans Richard
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-63/30; Project C-36-56I, File No. 7-4-9
Downloads: 83
[texts]An Electronic Surveillance and Control System for Traffic Management on the Borman Expressway, Part I : Executive Summary - Cassidy, Michael J.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-90/14-2; Project C-36-75A, File No. 8-9-1
Downloads: 57
[texts]Priority Assessment of Routine Maintenance Needs and Optimal Programming : Interim Report - Fwa, Tien Fang
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-88/01; Project C-36-63K, File No. 9-7-11
Downloads: 47
[texts]The Impact after Seven Years of a Highway Improvement in a Small City : Progress Report - Fleischman, Edward R.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-68/08; Project C-36-64D, File No. 3-5-4
Downloads: 67
[texts]A Regional Approach to Highway Soils Considerations in Indiana: Informational Report - Sisiliano, William J.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-70/18; File No. 6-1
Downloads: 48
[texts]Strategic Planning for the Activation and Operation of the North Central Superpave Center (NCSC) : Final Report - Olek, J.
Joint Transportation Research Program: FHWA/IN/JTRP-97/02; Project C-36-56B, File No. 2-13-2
Downloads: 79
[texts]Precast, Prestressed Concrete for Bridge Decks : Technical Paper - Gutzwiller, Martin J.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-70/17; Project C-36-56N, File No. 7-4-14
Downloads: 126
[texts]Nitrogen Fixation by Woody Plant Species as Measured by Acetylene Reduction Assay : Technical Paper - McNiel, Robert E.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-73/13; Project C-36-48C, File No. 9-5-3
Downloads: 62
[texts]Manual of Traffic Impact Studies : Draft - Dey, Soumya Sekhar
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-92/05; Project HPR-2039(029), File No. 3-5-10
Downloads: 77
[texts]The Development of the Computerized Geotechnical Data Bank for the State of Indiana : interim Report - Goldberg, Gary Dana
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-78/06; Project C-36-51T, File No. 1-5-20
Downloads: 63
[texts]Controlling Movement of Embankments over Peats and Marls : Final Report - Gruen, Harold Allen
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-83/06; Project C-36-5P, File No. 6-6-16
Downloads: 51
[texts]Stresses and Deflections in Concrete Pavements Continuously Reinforced with Welded Wire Fabric - Gutzwiller, Martin J.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-59/09; Paper submitted for presentation at the Highway Research Board Annual Meeting
Downloads: 44
[texts]Development and Use of a Management Information System to Identify Areas of Routine Maintenance Productivity Improvement : Interim Report - Sanderson, V. Alan
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-84/11; Project C-36-67N, File No. 9-11-14
Downloads: 50
[texts]Factors Influencing Dehardening and Rehardening of Forsythia x Intermedia Stems : Technical Paper - Hamilton, David Foster
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-72/42; Project C-36-48C, File No. 9-5-3
Downloads: 51
[texts]Studies on Cement Paste and Concrete Both Made with Low Porosity Cement : Final Report - Gomez-Toledo, Carlos
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-77/10; Project C-36-61G, File No. 5-14-7
Downloads: 37
[texts]Embark-Telar-Surfactant-2, 4-D Combinations for Vegetation Management along Indiana Roadsides : Interim Summary Report - Morré, D. James, 1935-
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-85/01; Project C-36-53K, File No. 9-5-11
Downloads: 227
[texts]Automatic Technique for Abstracting Color Descriptions from Aerial Photography : Technical Paper - Gourley, J.
Joint Highway Research Project: FHWA/IN/JHRP-67/12; Project C-36-32U, File No. 1-4-21
Downloads: 53
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